The Astra Range

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Colour Variants

Visage Astra

The Visage Astra is a Convertible Booster Seat that is suitable for children aged approximately 6 months to 8 years.

Grey,Aqua,available online
Quattro Astra

Quattro Astra sets a new standard in the 0 to 4 category with best practice safety, practicality and comfort.

Grey,available online
Grandeur Astra

The Future of Car Seat Safety is here with the Grandeur Astra, allowing both Extended Rearward Facing, and Extended Harnessing in forward-facing.

Grey,available online
Luxi II Astra

The Luxi II Astra is a completely redesigned version of the original Luxi, Australia’s first 0 to 8 Convertible Car Seat.

Comfi Astra

The Comfi Astra is a Convertible Booster Seat.