Rearward Facing Requirements vs Recommendations

June 16, 2020  |  Bianca Kelly

Babies and smaller children are safest travelling rearward facing.

The New Zealand Law states that any child, up to their 7th birthday, must be in an appropriate child restraint. While there are no particular laws regarding how long a child must rearward face in terms of their age, the laws do require the child remains rearward facing as per the manufacturer's size requirements. 

We often find that many children are transitioned to forward-facing before they're big enough. Paediatricians, industry experts and car seat manufacturers all agree that children should remain rearward facing for as long as their car seat allows, regardless of age.

InfaSecure Atlas Go - RF Lifestyle

Evelyn Rearward facing at 1 year old.

In InfaSecure Car Seats, you can tell when your child is ready to forward face when their shoulder reaches the shoulder height marker label, sewn into the car seat cover.

There are many seats in New Zealand that now allow for longer rearward facing time, including our Atlas Go, Grandeur Astra and Tetra

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